Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Le Métro Parisien

"Le métro parisien" (Paris subway) is a painting made of acrylic on canvas of 100x100cm.

The idea came a long time ago before making this painting. I was coming back to Paris in the R.E.R. I was waiting at the station for my train and was contemplating the Paris stations' map. There came the impression by itself that it looked like a spider net.

Why do we sometimes call the internet "the net"? Because obviously, it is a network of interconnected wires. So we are all like spiders making our connections, symbolically.

I have seen in the RATP design a way to swerve from its proper reality. The dominance of interconnected lines represent the subway lines associated to the spider net: all of us nested like insects and finding in others some behaviour patterns like the ones listening to music, groups talking, newspapers and book readers, etc.

The hexagon represents the city of Paris. Here I have chosen a yellow kind of similar to the maps, so as the schematic form. Inside the hexagon, the red tone symbolizes dirtiness, concept enhanced by the glued tickets that we can find on the ground.

I used a cloth to spread the red and most of the times, a ruler to trace the lines.

In the end, the green colour that surrounds the city represents the presence of more nature and calm, which is in contrast with the subway ambiance. The green instead is plain and translates the sensation of emptiness, also in contrast with the rest.

by Federico Strazzullo.

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