Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When Things Go Wrong, Know to Put Off the Inevitable

Being a young artist is a long road towards fulfillment with lots of pitfalls. This article deals with refilling your energy. Autumn can tend to have an effect of depression on many of us because the days get shorter and shorter. It can lead to disagreements with the persons we love, and it's never easy to cope with.

Maybe you are a regular worker whose job puts you under a lot of pressure and you simply need to have a necessary break. Maybe you are a famous artist who is sick of running around to develop yourself. For both kinds, remember to cool down to avoid the Breakdown. There are so many solutions to refilling energy, like listening to your favorite music, going for a weekend to your favorite place (mountains, beach, country, etc), getting busy at home and escaping from the world... Etc. It's also a period where the end of the year approaches so it's good to gather with your family and best friends who warm you up and to maybe begin organizing some plans for Christmas. If you still have your parents close to you, sharing your apartment, and they always give you advice on what and not what to do and it gets on your nerves, make them understand that you need to be quiet and relaxed and that you need your own space.

Everything in life has its own cycles. Flowers burgeon during Spring and wither during Autumn. During Autumn, the snow covers the mountains, the cold wind of our coasts blows. Nature dies in a way and springs up again, and so are we. We don't have to fight against that when some of these cases occur, it would be like impeding our own human nature. When we are tired of everything, we have to put off the inevitable.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Art for Beginners and Despaired Ones: Relationships Are Key

Ayako Rokkau, Colours in my Hand (Delaive Gallery, Amsterdam) Art Cologne - April 12, 2011

  For young artists who don’t have much experience in the field, I would recommend getting to know some more experienced people. First, rely on teachers at school or associations. The best thing for sure are art schools where you usually have two categories: private schools and public ones. In private ones, you can start your training from scratch, even if you're not so skilled. If you have advanced skills, you can jump the first years. Otherwise, take part in a contest to enter a public school. But, as it is financed by the State, the level is high even for entering the first year. The advantage is that they cost much less in Europe.

Please Welcome Federico Strazzullo

Federico,"franco-italian" artist, is now part of our journalist team! He will be writing articles regularly for Stickazine. Check out what he has to say about art:

"Art is a so vast domain. I think it is the basis of everything in our world. Without art there would never have been progress.

Art is freedom, which allows to create whatever we desire to show and express.

Art is a complex dialog with the world.

Art is a key to live in a peaceful world."

He has a lot to contribute and we're glad to have him on board. To learn more about Federico and his work, visit here.