Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Paesaggio Lunare" by Federico Strazzullo

"Paesaggio Lunare" means "Moon Landscape" in italian. It is a block of plaster of 60x40x10cm. 

When I was an adolescent, my dream was to travel to the moon. I sincerely don't know if one day in my life, life on the moon will be possible in a city, but if it happens, I would love to travel in space. We know it is already possible, but I hope there will be low-costs space airlines. 250 000$ with Virgin Galactic seems a little away from lots of people's budget... So here is this miniature landscape to materialize that dream. I usually love all that is related to space. 

Federico Strazzullo was born in Paris, the 31st of March 1982. He did different studies, but from 2005, decided to become an artist. Time passing by, he discovered and experimented with lots of art expressions. Since he became more at ease with painting in 2010, he exhibited in five galleries in Turin, Paris and London.

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