Thursday, October 10, 2013

Federico Strazzullo answers "Can Art Change the Economy?"

Federico Strazzullo sent an essay on "Can Art Change the Economy?"

Let's start by introducing some history of art. Since forever, there has been economy in art. For instance, during the Middle Age, painters were accredited for working in churches, representing as realistically as possible figures and scenes from the Bible. Every painter learned with conventional methods and techniques thanks to their respective master.

During the Renaissance, perspective was discovered and revolutioned painting, giving it a three dimensional aspect, so that representation was even more realistic. In these times, anatomy by dissecting human corpses was spread out but the Church looked for stopping these artists who were considered as necrophagous.

So from this point, the purpose of painting was not only for rich families and the Church, but for Science. This allowed medecine and doctors to make terrific progresses, thanks to the drawing precision of every part of the human body by Leonardo da Vinci (muscles, bones, nerves, etc.).

From the 20th century, we know all the changes there were thanks to industrial revolution (telephone, trains, etc.) which freed up people's minds, and so art expression drastically evolved, and also thanks to the States laicism.

Now, trying to give a precise answer on the other side is a tough one.

Of course it can, I think it can stop wars going on. Famous artists such as actors and film directors can often have their words about wars. Then politicians tend to listen more to artists, as we're globally turning into a social planetary government, which better promotes art by the way.

Artists are generally more spiritual people than, if we can say this, "normal" people. It's obvious that an artist has more imagination than a banker...

We've already seen artists taking part in governments, so there's an effort from them economy in correlation.

There are so many people in this world who are stuck into materialism exageration, which can lead to financial deficit and most importantly moral. Art can at least try to change this by delivering spiritual messages... But it's very hard to change every nevrotic's mind. Because excess of materialism leads to some neurosis. Well, it's a psychanalytical matter which I won't deal with because it's beyond the scope of the article, but let's say it's somehow correlated.

Surely, artists should have their voice to calm down negative economy frenzy, because we are sensitive, and we know how to recognize problems that many people cannot see.

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