Friday, October 11, 2013

Don't Read the Newspaper, Read Circa

...and Stickazine. You want the news. You check the NY Times online, but everything is so overwhelming, you barely know where to look and what to click on. All the articles seem important. And then, there are the curious looking ones that catch your attention, like "Top 10 [person, place or thing]" or "Why You Shouldn't [noun, adjective or verb]". In the end, you wind up leaving the website frustrated, upset at having wasted your time and log into Facebook. How will you ever know what's going on in the world?

  Keeping up with our quick-fast-and-in-a-hurry culture, the Circa app frees you of the burden of having to scan through the paper. Each news article is displayed as a snippet, describing only the key components of current events. Most recent stories, such as "Google paves way for user endorsement ads", "Instagram disables ability to stop autoplaying videos" or "New York Comic Con apologizes for Twitter hacking" can be clicked on for a more in depth read. Illustrated throughout, all articles can be shared and include linked citations. Now that is one creative source.

When it really comes in handy: know that Google updated their Terms of Use, but don't have time (or sufficient will) to read through the whole thing? The story is on Circa. Read on the go, in the bus, or on the metro. The clever choice of a blue and white color palette also make the experience far less stressful than large blocks of black and white text.

The downfalls: our attention span has slimmed to the point where we can no longer read the paper. Or rather, we are constantly being asked to perform tasks due by yesterday of last year, and are being fed vast amounts of information in such small amounts of time. Either way, the Circa app makes it easier to get work done because you're spending less time reading the news. This time allows the public to form their own opinion, do some fact-checking and even further research. Provided you use it wisely, this tool will keep you informed...and you've got to admit it's pretty cool.

is there an app you like that increases your productivity? Tell us about it in the comments!

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