Sunday, February 3, 2013

Made something cool?

Share it on Find articles such as How to Make Post It Notes, Tron styled lamps, Star Wars related accessories and a ton of recipes!

A tutorial for a stylishly geeky garment.
Echoing the cinematic classic.

The haven of DIY, this website is quite the trick when it comes to salvaging, composing and creating new items from pre-existing elements or 100% scratch. Featuring contests, forums and "projects of the day", there are multiple ways to access the tutorials, showing the process of making a slew of objects through photos, "step by step" or videos. Have fun browsing through as you search for inspiration or something to make.

To be bookmarked between Wikipedia and Yahoo answers, it's an online tool of educational fun!

Notable creations:
- Adjustable bookshelf for angled walls
- Straightening and stiffening a wire
- Cheap and useful cutting table
- DIY Microphone stand
- Make your own pizza kit
- Engraved M&Ms
- DIY Bio Printer

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