Friday, February 22, 2013

"Can Art Change the Economy?" - open submissions

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Can Art Change the Economy?

According to Timothy Taylor, the "U.S economy is not growing at the expense of other nations". Throughout history, countries have exploited each other, using unethical ways to leverage their own economy. What the author of The Instant Economist fails to mention is that the United States of America, like many others, is still profiting from slavery. As a people, it's time to evolve.

At the moment the United States, alongside others such as the European Union and Canada, is classified as a high-income country. There is a good deal of buzz going on about China and India, considered "emerging" countries due to their mass production and technological advancement. However, areas like sub-saharan Africa are either largely ignored or looked down upon as sparse contributors to "globalization". Countries often referred to as LCDs ("Least Developed Countries": click here for a complete list) are expected to comply to western standards, promoted by a media that depicts them as poor and dependent. But, within this very media is change. By showing what these nations truly have to offer both culturally and economically, all the while proposing paths towards political and financial stability, it may be possible to begin a globalization, in place of the current westernization. Art has the power to influence people. Through images, videos, words and more, are multiple voices to be heard. 

Do you believe art has the power to change the economy in a way that would benefit both richer and poorer nations? Is the influence of creative expression important enough to mutate globalization for better or for worse? 

Submit your essay with plans for the present and futur of our world for a chance to have it featured on Stickazine!

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