Monday, February 25, 2013

Looking for journalists

Stickazine is looking for a volunteer journalist/blogger to write articles, conduct interviews and report on the latest artistic events, hangouts and news!

Profile: All levels of experience accepted. The journalist must-

  • know their way around Blogger
  • have an interest for art and business
  • enjoy writing
  • stay on the lookout for events and happenings in the art scene
  • be willing to interview creative groups and individuals
  • be serious about their work, motivated, and always looking to improve

If you're interested in occupying this post, e-mail

Friday, February 22, 2013

"Can Art Change the Economy?" - open submissions

Note: Stickazine now accepts essay submissions centering around a monthly subject. To send your essay in response to "Can Art Change the Economy?", visit the Submissions page.

Can Art Change the Economy?

According to Timothy Taylor, the "U.S economy is not growing at the expense of other nations". Throughout history, countries have exploited each other, using unethical ways to leverage their own economy. What the author of The Instant Economist fails to mention is that the United States of America, like many others, is still profiting from slavery. As a people, it's time to evolve.

At the moment the United States, alongside others such as the European Union and Canada, is classified as a high-income country. There is a good deal of buzz going on about China and India, considered "emerging" countries due to their mass production and technological advancement. However, areas like sub-saharan Africa are either largely ignored or looked down upon as sparse contributors to "globalization". Countries often referred to as LCDs ("Least Developed Countries": click here for a complete list) are expected to comply to western standards, promoted by a media that depicts them as poor and dependent. But, within this very media is change. By showing what these nations truly have to offer both culturally and economically, all the while proposing paths towards political and financial stability, it may be possible to begin a globalization, in place of the current westernization. Art has the power to influence people. Through images, videos, words and more, are multiple voices to be heard. 

Do you believe art has the power to change the economy in a way that would benefit both richer and poorer nations? Is the influence of creative expression important enough to mutate globalization for better or for worse? 

Submit your essay with plans for the present and futur of our world for a chance to have it featured on Stickazine!

Stick Men Invade Chrome!

The new Stick Men Creation theme for Google Chrome browsers is out! You can download it here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Google Glass

What do you think of Google Glass?
How would it affect your life?
Would this have any impact on your art, or the art world as a whole?

For more on the project visit here.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Artists can now seek help and personal assistance on the new Forums page!

Ask questions about:
  • your latest projects.
  • managing your work
  • collaborating
  • organizing tasks
  • etc...

Get help from:
  • other artists
  • Stick Men Creation
  • viewers

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Looking for Constructive Criticism

Get your artwork critiqued on Stick Men Creation, write feedback for others and access useful information. Surely, the regulars have heard of this already.

But, did you know you can still benefit from personal assistance on the old forums? While waiting for the update, simply use a previous version of the forums to request help and advice for projects.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Made something cool?

Share it on Find articles such as How to Make Post It Notes, Tron styled lamps, Star Wars related accessories and a ton of recipes!

A tutorial for a stylishly geeky garment.
Echoing the cinematic classic.

The haven of DIY, this website is quite the trick when it comes to salvaging, composing and creating new items from pre-existing elements or 100% scratch. Featuring contests, forums and "projects of the day", there are multiple ways to access the tutorials, showing the process of making a slew of objects through photos, "step by step" or videos. Have fun browsing through as you search for inspiration or something to make.

To be bookmarked between Wikipedia and Yahoo answers, it's an online tool of educational fun!

Notable creations:
- Adjustable bookshelf for angled walls
- Straightening and stiffening a wire
- Cheap and useful cutting table
- DIY Microphone stand
- Make your own pizza kit
- Engraved M&Ms
- DIY Bio Printer

Friday, February 1, 2013

Michael Ellsberg's "The Education of Millionaires"

If you have not yet read Michael Ellsberg's controversial book, "The Education of Millionaires", pick up a copy right now. It may change, not only your career, but the way you think about today's educational system forever.

As Michael Ellsberg walks you through a curriculum rarely (or never) received in traditional schooling, be prepared to grip on tight to courage and determination because it's going to be a bumpy ride. In a series of seven "Success Skills", which act as quasi-nonlinear chapters, Ellsberg mixes personal experiences, testimonials and raw facts to concoct this post/pre/anti-college guide. By interviewing self made pioneers such as Dustin Moskovitz (Facebook), Marc Ecko (urban fashion designer), Matt Mullenweg (Wordpress) and Maria Andros (video marketing), he gives the reader specific information as to how to "build your brand, take your business in hand, and create an entrepreneurial mindset". This  guide is truly an essential to anyone looking for optional paths in life.

The success skills outlined in the book:

  • #1: How to Make Your Work Meaningful and Your Meaning Work (or, How to Make a Difference in the World Without Going Broke)
  • #2: How to Find Great Mentors and Teachers , Connect with Powerful and Influential People, and Build a World-Class Network
  • #3: What Every Successful Person Needs to Know About Marketing, and How to Teach Yourself
  • #4: What Every Successful Person Needs to Know About Sales and How to Teach Yourself
  • #5: How to Invest For Success (The Art of Bootstrapping)
  • #6: Build the Brand of You (or, To Hell With Resumes!)
  • #7: The Entrepreneurial Mind-Set Versus the Employee Mind-Set (Become the Author of Your Own Life)
The crucial point here, is how he stresses the importance of teaching yourself. That skill takes a lot of work, but once basically acquired, allows for infinite possibilities in life.

Our criticism: There needed to be more on the subject of those that did choose to go to college, and detailed points as to the pros and cons of doing so. The subject was delved into, but it would have allowed for a clearer view if say, a column outlining said pointers had been drawn.
The absence of "what to do as an employee" was also slightly bothersome. The book mainly focalized on future entrepreneurs and big thinkers, barely mentioning the individuals that chose to work for those very people. Obviously, not everyone wants to create their own business, and plenty feel perfectly confortable complying with other's demands all the while contributing a few of there own. How to work for other people rather than with is also a key aspect of "the real world" worth dissecting.

☑ Recommended for aspiring entrepreneurs, parents of teenagers and young adults, and all the creative minds in between.

Where to buy:
- Amazon

Recommended on:
- Goodreads

Internet for artists

Dear cyber surfers, you may be looking for inspiration, information or have an inclination for casual browsing. Here's our most recent pick from the web of freshly pressed creative juices:

It's awesome. It's art. It's With a tinge of contemporary, and a sprinkle of color, they'll bomblast you with a blend of urban creations and minimal spaces. Go have a look if you're searching for a multifruit shake of modern cool.