Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Le Métro Parisien

"Le métro parisien" (Paris subway) is a painting made of acrylic on canvas of 100x100cm.

The idea came a long time ago before making this painting. I was coming back to Paris in the R.E.R. I was waiting at the station for my train and was contemplating the Paris stations' map. There came the impression by itself that it looked like a spider net.

Why do we sometimes call the internet "the net"? Because obviously, it is a network of interconnected wires. So we are all like spiders making our connections, symbolically.

I have seen in the RATP design a way to swerve from its proper reality. The dominance of interconnected lines represent the subway lines associated to the spider net: all of us nested like insects and finding in others some behaviour patterns like the ones listening to music, groups talking, newspapers and book readers, etc.

The hexagon represents the city of Paris. Here I have chosen a yellow kind of similar to the maps, so as the schematic form. Inside the hexagon, the red tone symbolizes dirtiness, concept enhanced by the glued tickets that we can find on the ground.

I used a cloth to spread the red and most of the times, a ruler to trace the lines.

In the end, the green colour that surrounds the city represents the presence of more nature and calm, which is in contrast with the subway ambiance. The green instead is plain and translates the sensation of emptiness, also in contrast with the rest.

by Federico Strazzullo.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When Things Go Wrong, Know to Put Off the Inevitable

Being a young artist is a long road towards fulfillment with lots of pitfalls. This article deals with refilling your energy. Autumn can tend to have an effect of depression on many of us because the days get shorter and shorter. It can lead to disagreements with the persons we love, and it's never easy to cope with.

Maybe you are a regular worker whose job puts you under a lot of pressure and you simply need to have a necessary break. Maybe you are a famous artist who is sick of running around to develop yourself. For both kinds, remember to cool down to avoid the Breakdown. There are so many solutions to refilling energy, like listening to your favorite music, going for a weekend to your favorite place (mountains, beach, country, etc), getting busy at home and escaping from the world... Etc. It's also a period where the end of the year approaches so it's good to gather with your family and best friends who warm you up and to maybe begin organizing some plans for Christmas. If you still have your parents close to you, sharing your apartment, and they always give you advice on what and not what to do and it gets on your nerves, make them understand that you need to be quiet and relaxed and that you need your own space.

Everything in life has its own cycles. Flowers burgeon during Spring and wither during Autumn. During Autumn, the snow covers the mountains, the cold wind of our coasts blows. Nature dies in a way and springs up again, and so are we. We don't have to fight against that when some of these cases occur, it would be like impeding our own human nature. When we are tired of everything, we have to put off the inevitable.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Art for Beginners and Despaired Ones: Relationships Are Key

Ayako Rokkau, Colours in my Hand (Delaive Gallery, Amsterdam) Art Cologne - April 12, 2011

  For young artists who don’t have much experience in the field, I would recommend getting to know some more experienced people. First, rely on teachers at school or associations. The best thing for sure are art schools where you usually have two categories: private schools and public ones. In private ones, you can start your training from scratch, even if you're not so skilled. If you have advanced skills, you can jump the first years. Otherwise, take part in a contest to enter a public school. But, as it is financed by the State, the level is high even for entering the first year. The advantage is that they cost much less in Europe.

Please Welcome Federico Strazzullo

Federico,"franco-italian" artist, is now part of our journalist team! He will be writing articles regularly for Stickazine. Check out what he has to say about art:

"Art is a so vast domain. I think it is the basis of everything in our world. Without art there would never have been progress.

Art is freedom, which allows to create whatever we desire to show and express.

Art is a complex dialog with the world.

Art is a key to live in a peaceful world."

He has a lot to contribute and we're glad to have him on board. To learn more about Federico and his work, visit here.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Paesaggio Lunare" by Federico Strazzullo

"Paesaggio Lunare" means "Moon Landscape" in italian. It is a block of plaster of 60x40x10cm. 

When I was an adolescent, my dream was to travel to the moon. I sincerely don't know if one day in my life, life on the moon will be possible in a city, but if it happens, I would love to travel in space. We know it is already possible, but I hope there will be low-costs space airlines. 250 000$ with Virgin Galactic seems a little away from lots of people's budget... So here is this miniature landscape to materialize that dream. I usually love all that is related to space. 

Federico Strazzullo was born in Paris, the 31st of March 1982. He did different studies, but from 2005, decided to become an artist. Time passing by, he discovered and experimented with lots of art expressions. Since he became more at ease with painting in 2010, he exhibited in five galleries in Turin, Paris and London.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Romain Laurent is Weird...

...and funny. French photographer, his work is artistically humorous and entertaining. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Don't Read the Newspaper, Read Circa

...and Stickazine. You want the news. You check the NY Times online, but everything is so overwhelming, you barely know where to look and what to click on. All the articles seem important. And then, there are the curious looking ones that catch your attention, like "Top 10 [person, place or thing]" or "Why You Shouldn't [noun, adjective or verb]". In the end, you wind up leaving the website frustrated, upset at having wasted your time and log into Facebook. How will you ever know what's going on in the world?

  Keeping up with our quick-fast-and-in-a-hurry culture, the Circa app frees you of the burden of having to scan through the paper. Each news article is displayed as a snippet, describing only the key components of current events. Most recent stories, such as "Google paves way for user endorsement ads", "Instagram disables ability to stop autoplaying videos" or "New York Comic Con apologizes for Twitter hacking" can be clicked on for a more in depth read. Illustrated throughout, all articles can be shared and include linked citations. Now that is one creative source.

When it really comes in handy: know that Google updated their Terms of Use, but don't have time (or sufficient will) to read through the whole thing? The story is on Circa. Read on the go, in the bus, or on the metro. The clever choice of a blue and white color palette also make the experience far less stressful than large blocks of black and white text.

The downfalls: our attention span has slimmed to the point where we can no longer read the paper. Or rather, we are constantly being asked to perform tasks due by yesterday of last year, and are being fed vast amounts of information in such small amounts of time. Either way, the Circa app makes it easier to get work done because you're spending less time reading the news. This time allows the public to form their own opinion, do some fact-checking and even further research. Provided you use it wisely, this tool will keep you informed...and you've got to admit it's pretty cool.

is there an app you like that increases your productivity? Tell us about it in the comments!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Federico Strazzullo answers "Can Art Change the Economy?"

Federico Strazzullo sent an essay on "Can Art Change the Economy?"

Let's start by introducing some history of art. Since forever, there has been economy in art. For instance, during the Middle Age, painters were accredited for working in churches, representing as realistically as possible figures and scenes from the Bible. Every painter learned with conventional methods and techniques thanks to their respective master.

During the Renaissance, perspective was discovered and revolutioned painting, giving it a three dimensional aspect, so that representation was even more realistic. In these times, anatomy by dissecting human corpses was spread out but the Church looked for stopping these artists who were considered as necrophagous.

So from this point, the purpose of painting was not only for rich families and the Church, but for Science. This allowed medecine and doctors to make terrific progresses, thanks to the drawing precision of every part of the human body by Leonardo da Vinci (muscles, bones, nerves, etc.).

From the 20th century, we know all the changes there were thanks to industrial revolution (telephone, trains, etc.) which freed up people's minds, and so art expression drastically evolved, and also thanks to the States laicism.

Now, trying to give a precise answer on the other side is a tough one.

How to be an Artist with a Job

Monday, September 30, 2013

Did you know Janet Sobel?

Perhaps the originator of drip painting, this Janet Sobel was the direct inspiration behind painter Jackson Pollock, who took credit for the avant-garde technique. The Ukranian-American artist was exposed in NYC a few years back by Garth Greenan gallery, but apart from that, has been mostly forgotten.

Jackson Pollock's "Number 8", 1949
Janet Sobel
A mother, and grand-mother, she borrowed her sons art materials and began painting in 1937, at the age of 43. Unfortunately, Sobel is often brushed off as a housewife, her paintings beings viewed as a hobby and nothing more. She was uncovered in an article byWilliam S. Rubin in 1967, and was exhibited next to Pollock just before her death in 1968.

For a complete overview of her life and work, read "Will the Real Janet Sobel please Stand Up?" by Libby Seaberg.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kosmopolite Art Tour Bagnolet

Several days ago, the Festival Kosmopolite happened in Bagnolet, France. Here's the art space that marked us (click to enlarge):

Thursday, September 26, 2013

An article a day keeps the block away

Stickazine will now be digitally printing at least one article a day, with frequent interviews and artist features. We are currently accepting submissions from readers:

  • Tell us about your work and projects.
  • What events are going on in your area?
  • Answer the question: how can art promote change?
  • Explain in what ways you use art to make a better life for yourself (and/or those around you).
  • Conspiracy theories. We love art related conspiracy theories.
  • Outline your schedule. have you discovered an efficient way to get work done? How about an inefficient way?
  • What do you think of your government?
  • Analyze paintings, films etc... and give your opinion.
  • Tell us what you're doing with the lemons life has given you.

In related news, the advertising spot is open! Claim your free ad space.

To have your work featured, send it to stickazine@stickmencreation.com. All levels are acceptable, and all are accepted.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Art Social Network

Sign up, share your artwork, get critiques and personal assistance! Stick Men Creation has relaunched their social network with a new interface. Test it here before the official launch.

- Upload images and videos
- Start a writing blog
- Give and get constructive criticism
- Personal support and guidance
- Mentorship
- Collaborate on projects

E-mail your thoughts and suggestions here.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Punjammies: Empowering Women

Punjammies are for women, by women. This collection of comfortable PJs is sewn in India by survivors of forced prostitution. Founded by Shannon Keith, it is part of the International Princess Project who's funds and products go to supplying formerly enslaved women with opportunities and a chance to repair their lives. The designs are fun, colorful and healing. This is a good example of art for a cause. Join the movement by purchasing a pair here!

Learn more about the International Princess Project.

Friday, May 31, 2013

9 Awesome Art Blogs

Cool, creative, minimal, maximal, geek infused or fashion forward, whatever the type, we love finding new art blogs. While the authors of such work vary in fame, inspiration is to be found everywhere and in all forms, hence "the art of blogging". It would be a shame to keep this awesomeness to ourselves and - since according to a purple dinosaur, sharing is caring- we compiled a short list of sharp blogs you should peruse too:


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Text From Dog

October Jones gets texts from his dog. How or why doesn't matter. He's got a book, it's funny. What's there not to love?

Buy the book here and follow his Tumblr for a good laugh (or bark).



Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Creative Gaming: Freeman's Mind

Ever watched someone play a video game? In a Let's Play or Walkthrough, viewers can experience the same events as the player, who films the full game. In Let's Plays, commentary is added which can range from witty, funny and informative to frustrated, angry or all of the above. Freeman's Mind is an original take on this. Ross Scott, creator of Accursed Farms, adds creative input to his videos by voicing Freeman's (the main character of Half-Life) thoughts.

  Whether you've played the game or not, this series will have you cracking up in front of your computer screen. At it's 45th episode, we're hoping for plenty more. Check out the first one, it's well worth the watch:

Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to Take Constructive Criticism

Stick Men Creation has launched a brand new set of tutorials. This one covers the topic of receiving constructive feedback:

For more tutorials, visit here.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Art of Speech

A short, but funny documentary describes the history and traits of the new York accent. If These Knishes Could Talk brings forth the creative values of everyday speech:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good is the new Great

What makes you pick up a magazine is the cover, content is secondary. It is well known for playing an important role in the purchasing or viewing of print. To the graphic designer, what goes into making a good cover is a no brainer. That recurring word which has been growing in popularity ever since the digital age shows up once more, particularly present in design. 

Why is good the new great?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Ecole 42: artistically teaching technology

A new school has broken the system in France. Ecole 42, created by Xavier Niel of Free, is a free school for future developers. There are no teachers, or semesters. Comprised upon a series of exercises and group projects, students are taught languages such as Java and iOS through self education and independence. Even more surprisingly, not a single diploma is issued upon completion of the program, as "with technology's constant change, such a diploma would be outdated within a mere three years or so"! It goes without saying that France is finally trying to adopt the "startup" mentality, rampant within the US since the computer age. For a country focused on traditional education, Ecole 42 is truly innovative.

The process of selection starts online with a series of questions and puzzles. Once the candidate has completed those, they are then directed towards the Piscine (swimming pool), for a full month of 15 hours of work a day. Candidates are expected to clock in a minimum of 50 hours per week, 90 being optimal. Keep in mind that french citizens are known for 35 work hours a week at most, and this has either repelled or intrigued many. Selected candidates are accepted into a three year program, with two extra years of internships or jobs.

Sound good? This could be a new step towards a more artistic approach in the education of technology. Learn more (french):

Monday, April 22, 2013


www.stickmencreation.com will be facing a bit of downtime, as we are switching to a new web host. We'll be back soon! In the meantime, read a few articles on Stickazine, submit an essay or apply for free advertising.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Textile Style

It's spring, and just as with every departure of cold weather, a change of textiles is in order. Let's begin this new season with our handpicked selection of creative designers and their work. These artists should be on your radar this year. Tell us what you think of them, and share your brand in the comments:


Adina Mills

Sartoria Vico


Makin Jan Ma


Monday, February 25, 2013

Looking for journalists

Stickazine is looking for a volunteer journalist/blogger to write articles, conduct interviews and report on the latest artistic events, hangouts and news!

Profile: All levels of experience accepted. The journalist must-

  • know their way around Blogger
  • have an interest for art and business
  • enjoy writing
  • stay on the lookout for events and happenings in the art scene
  • be willing to interview creative groups and individuals
  • be serious about their work, motivated, and always looking to improve

If you're interested in occupying this post, e-mail stickazine@stickmencreation.com.

Friday, February 22, 2013

"Can Art Change the Economy?" - open submissions

Note: Stickazine now accepts essay submissions centering around a monthly subject. To send your essay in response to "Can Art Change the Economy?", visit the Submissions page.

Can Art Change the Economy?

According to Timothy Taylor, the "U.S economy is not growing at the expense of other nations". Throughout history, countries have exploited each other, using unethical ways to leverage their own economy. What the author of The Instant Economist fails to mention is that the United States of America, like many others, is still profiting from slavery. As a people, it's time to evolve.

At the moment the United States, alongside others such as the European Union and Canada, is classified as a high-income country. There is a good deal of buzz going on about China and India, considered "emerging" countries due to their mass production and technological advancement. However, areas like sub-saharan Africa are either largely ignored or looked down upon as sparse contributors to "globalization". Countries often referred to as LCDs ("Least Developed Countries": click here for a complete list) are expected to comply to western standards, promoted by a media that depicts them as poor and dependent. But, within this very media is change. By showing what these nations truly have to offer both culturally and economically, all the while proposing paths towards political and financial stability, it may be possible to begin a globalization, in place of the current westernization. Art has the power to influence people. Through images, videos, words and more, are multiple voices to be heard. 

Do you believe art has the power to change the economy in a way that would benefit both richer and poorer nations? Is the influence of creative expression important enough to mutate globalization for better or for worse? 

Submit your essay with plans for the present and futur of our world for a chance to have it featured on Stickazine!

Stick Men Invade Chrome!

The new Stick Men Creation theme for Google Chrome browsers is out! You can download it here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Google Glass

What do you think of Google Glass?
How would it affect your life?
Would this have any impact on your art, or the art world as a whole?

For more on the project visit here.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Artists can now seek help and personal assistance on the new Forums page!

Ask questions about:
  • your latest projects.
  • managing your work
  • collaborating
  • organizing tasks
  • etc...

Get help from:
  • other artists
  • Stick Men Creation
  • viewers

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Looking for Constructive Criticism

Get your artwork critiqued on Stick Men Creation, write feedback for others and access useful information. Surely, the regulars have heard of this already.

But, did you know you can still benefit from personal assistance on the old forums? While waiting for the update, simply use a previous version of the forums to request help and advice for projects.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Made something cool?

Share it on Instructables.com. Find articles such as How to Make Post It Notes, Tron styled lamps, Star Wars related accessories and a ton of recipes!

A tutorial for a stylishly geeky garment.
Echoing the cinematic classic.

The haven of DIY, this website is quite the trick when it comes to salvaging, composing and creating new items from pre-existing elements or 100% scratch. Featuring contests, forums and "projects of the day", there are multiple ways to access the tutorials, showing the process of making a slew of objects through photos, "step by step" or videos. Have fun browsing through as you search for inspiration or something to make.

To be bookmarked between Wikipedia and Yahoo answers, it's an online tool of educational fun!

Notable creations:
- Adjustable bookshelf for angled walls
- Straightening and stiffening a wire
- Cheap and useful cutting table
- DIY Microphone stand
- Make your own pizza kit
- Engraved M&Ms
- DIY Bio Printer

Friday, February 1, 2013

Michael Ellsberg's "The Education of Millionaires"

If you have not yet read Michael Ellsberg's controversial book, "The Education of Millionaires", pick up a copy right now. It may change, not only your career, but the way you think about today's educational system forever.

As Michael Ellsberg walks you through a curriculum rarely (or never) received in traditional schooling, be prepared to grip on tight to courage and determination because it's going to be a bumpy ride. In a series of seven "Success Skills", which act as quasi-nonlinear chapters, Ellsberg mixes personal experiences, testimonials and raw facts to concoct this post/pre/anti-college guide. By interviewing self made pioneers such as Dustin Moskovitz (Facebook), Marc Ecko (urban fashion designer), Matt Mullenweg (Wordpress) and Maria Andros (video marketing), he gives the reader specific information as to how to "build your brand, take your business in hand, and create an entrepreneurial mindset". This  guide is truly an essential to anyone looking for optional paths in life.

The success skills outlined in the book:

  • #1: How to Make Your Work Meaningful and Your Meaning Work (or, How to Make a Difference in the World Without Going Broke)
  • #2: How to Find Great Mentors and Teachers , Connect with Powerful and Influential People, and Build a World-Class Network
  • #3: What Every Successful Person Needs to Know About Marketing, and How to Teach Yourself
  • #4: What Every Successful Person Needs to Know About Sales and How to Teach Yourself
  • #5: How to Invest For Success (The Art of Bootstrapping)
  • #6: Build the Brand of You (or, To Hell With Resumes!)
  • #7: The Entrepreneurial Mind-Set Versus the Employee Mind-Set (Become the Author of Your Own Life)
The crucial point here, is how he stresses the importance of teaching yourself. That skill takes a lot of work, but once basically acquired, allows for infinite possibilities in life.

Our criticism: There needed to be more on the subject of those that did choose to go to college, and detailed points as to the pros and cons of doing so. The subject was delved into, but it would have allowed for a clearer view if say, a column outlining said pointers had been drawn.
The absence of "what to do as an employee" was also slightly bothersome. The book mainly focalized on future entrepreneurs and big thinkers, barely mentioning the individuals that chose to work for those very people. Obviously, not everyone wants to create their own business, and plenty feel perfectly confortable complying with other's demands all the while contributing a few of there own. How to work for other people rather than with is also a key aspect of "the real world" worth dissecting.

☑ Recommended for aspiring entrepreneurs, parents of teenagers and young adults, and all the creative minds in between.

Where to buy:
- Amazon

Recommended on:
- Goodreads

Internet for artists

Dear cyber surfers, you may be looking for inspiration, information or have an inclination for casual browsing. Here's our most recent pick from the web of freshly pressed creative juices:

It's awesome. It's art. It's www.booooooom.com. With a tinge of contemporary, and a sprinkle of color, they'll bomblast you with a blend of urban creations and minimal spaces. Go have a look if you're searching for a multifruit shake of modern cool.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bring me a dream...

Hey artists!

A handful of tutorials and helpful tips are being constructed for the "Tutorials" page. As soon as they're up, we'll be sure to notify you so you can check it out. Some quick reminders:

- to place your advertisement (no fee required!) on the sidebar of this blog, simply e-mail it to reception@stickmencreation.com with "Advertise" as the subject title. Step-by-step guide here.

- for critiques of your artwork, place a link at www.stickmencreation.com.

- submit an article to Stickazine at stickazine@stickmencreation.com.

And now, a brief word from Stick Men Creation:

Are there other features you would like to see on Stick Men Creation? What are your opinions on the current services it offers? Feel free to comment below.

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Short Life Span of Museums

When was the last time you went to a museum? Had the visit impacted your life in any way?

The real question is, was it worth it? In an age when most people are afraid of wasting their time, museums remain a primarily touristic attraction, and may even make some civilians wince at the very thought of long hours (or minutes) spent in a closed area, engulfed in silence. Some suggest that encouraging interactions among visitors could help (such as non linear displays, and implementing the possible usage of social network sharing), while others believe they will be gradually obliterated from society. Much like the librarian in the Twilight Zone, could museums be facing a path towards becoming obsolete?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Advertise here free

Stick Men Creation has announced a new advertising program allowing artists to promote on Stickazine free of charge.

How does it work?
Once a month, the space is free for anyone to claim. Simply send your advertisement to reception@stickmencreation.com with "Advertise" in the subject header.

Accepted file types: .jpeg
Size: Image must be 320x240
Additional content: You may provide a link to your work.

If yours is picked, it will appear on the sidebar of the blog!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Guidelines and updates

Stick Men Creation's new set of guidelines has been posted. Other updates:

- A text was submitted for critique
- The official Facebook account was reactivated
- Submission deadlines have been extended, and you can still request critiques