Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Art Lessons Online

News from Stick Men Creation:

Access lessons online under the new archives section! Just as we were speaking of alternative learning methods, Stick Men finished it's most recent feature. Seeing how the Applied Arts course summary (parts one and two), although exclusively in french, was such a big hit, there have been plans to offer a similar experience in english with individual categories. A first lesson has been published, focusing on Futurism.

Plans for future lessons:
- More art movements
- Methods and practices
- Comments section and ratings for each lesson
- More downloadable files so readers can correct or add information

Next in line:
- The Tutorials section for tips, how to's and the like
- A new piece of artwork up for critique

Friday, November 9, 2012

A new way to learn

Perhaps you have heard about it already, perhaps you haven't, but Khan Academy is rapidly become the new way to learn. Browse through hundreds of video lessons in domains such as science, math and economics. Practice your skills with interactive activities, and receive help from the online community whenever you get stuck. Here, just have a look at founder Salman Khan's TED talk: