Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Designer Workspace (Lighting and seats)

The continuation to Designer Workspace (Desks). We are now going to take a look at two other essential elements in the work area: lighting and seats.

The B&B Italia line of chairs offers some confortable, yet modern choices of furniture, that basically say "I am the boss". The above seems to be of the most ergonomically structured, but keep in mind that many high-end contemporary designers are primarily after aesthetics.

The Click Clack by Nigel Coates is an odd looking one. There are several color variations as well, so you can match them with your shoes.

In the Ghost and Gray collections by Gervasoni,  we'll find these two very different seats: one promoting a more relaxed mindset, the other appearing rather constricted.

As far as lighting goes, the list of strikingly unique lamps and co is endless. Here's a run-down:

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