Thursday, July 5, 2012

Designer Workspace (Desks)

Work areas don't necessarily have to be a means of ostentatiously expressing your taste in design, but sometimes it's nice to walk into your office (if you have one) and think "Hey, this place looks pretty damned good!". Now, there is plenty of  furniture and miscellaneous house objects out there, some more useful than others. Here's a selection of designer artifacts:

More than just a plank of wood with legs - although, considering design these days, it might as well be - a desk is just one of those things you want to get right, especially if you're sitting at it most of the day. It's pretty much the central piece in your space, so be picky (picky, not fickle), and choose well.

Simple, minimalistic, esthetically stark, but an original shape nonetheless... we all know the drill: it's a cool desk despite the lack of much storage space. For those who work on the computer, this is probably a good choice.

It looks like an accordion, but you could surely fit a lot of files in there, and all of them "à portéé de main" (please excuse the french: it's only 40% out of pretention, and 60% because the expression fits). It seems there are mechanics going on there, as the lever most likely opens and closes the top. This might actually get distracting at times, if you're easily amused.

There are many reasons to love this, all of which cannot be explained within a single post. But, this multifunctional collection of trestles and easels makes for a practical, yet tasteful, display. Great for large workspaces (originally intended for classrooms, may no longer be up for purchase).

Next in line: Lighting and seats

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