Thursday, June 28, 2012

Submit your article online

There's a lot to be heard when it comes to art, but do you have something to say? Remember that written work can be submitted to the zine on the submissions page:

Simply send your article with your name or pseudonyme, select the appropriate category, and it will be reviewed. Published articles are credited, and if desired, contain a footnote with the author's information/personal comments. When submitting your article, select one of the following categories in which it fits best:
- Education (school related, tutorials, essays, lectures...etc)
- Entertainment (television, films, events...etc)
- Personal (stories, experiences...etc)

Note: If an artist wishes to write about their own work, it must go under the "Personal" category.

Reviews, interviews, reports, autobiographical texts, tutorials, essays and miscellaneous texts of informative purposes are accepted. All submissions are read, reviewed and taken into consideration before being published. Please keep in mind that most spelling, grammatical and syntax errors are corrected by the editor.

So, why not submit now?

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