Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Maintaining your mental health

It is widely known that many artists suffer  from one or several mental illnesses. They may be difficult to live through, but the key is to have as much information as possible on what's going on in your head. Here are a few helpful links:

- The Help Guide offers a good selection of simple information on emotional health, how it works, where to get help, and how to make progress. The perks are mainly that it also covers topics such as every day stress, relationships and sleep...etc providing the reader with easy to understand articles, and case examples.

- The official website for the Mayo Clinic has a good search system, and a well constructed definition of what a mental illness is. It also harbors blogs covering depression and stress.

- Go beyond the myths of self injury with this excellent article, which explains how both adults and children suffer from certain mental states, causing them to wrongly act on the situation. For more information on this, and how to get help visit the source article.

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