Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shopping for art supplies in Paris

Two main stores come to mind when searching for quality art supplies in Paris: "Passage Clouté" and "Graphigro".

Graphigro has a discount for art students and a particularly large selection of material especially when it comes to illustrative articles (excellent markers and pens). It is recommended that you visit the Graphigro on boulevard Voltaire (adress below) as it is larger and more heavily stocked. On the other hand, Passage Clouté offers just about the same articles for cheaper although they do not offer a student discount. Canvases, paper, POSCAs, paintbrushes, art bags...etc are best bought there. They're also a little slower when it comes to stocking up, but you still save a substantial amount of pennies if you're not a student or don't have a big shopping list.

Where to find Graphigro:

157/159 rue Lecourbe
75015 PARIS
Tel: 01 42 50 45 49

207, boulevard Voltaire
75011 PARIS
Tel: 01 43 48 23 57 

13/15 boulevard des Filles du Calvaire
75003 PARIS
Tel: 01 44 54 81 00

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