Monday, May 28, 2012

Edvard Munch and the Google Art Project

The Google Art Project has spread out onto Youtube, as many of you may already know, and seems to be targeting just about every art student/ collector/ professor/ practitioner on the internet. Surely the search engine giant and co are planning something a little bigger than just these two projects.

Here's the first video that came up under Edvard Munch:

Edvard Munch (1863 - 1944),  Norwegian artist best known for the scream, entered a competition in 1909 to decorate murals for the Festical Hall at the Oslo University. His nine fifteen feet high canvases were selected among the other contestants, and he gives his thoughts on them here.

Now the first thing that shows up under this famous artist are "specifics", meaning mainly videos promoting exhibits. There is no actual presentation of who he is, nor do they supply the viewer with very many videos. (On a side note, the back button does not function on the channel.) One would assume that the project is intended for those with a minimum amount of historical/ artistic knowledge. Only, when searching for Oskar Kokoschka for example, nothing shows up. The database is still being constructed, so all of this is understandable, but there must be some way Google can further enhance their project. Any suggestions for them? Do you have an idea for additional features or ways they could improve? What art project do you think this is building up to?

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  1. I like your blog.
    I still stand by my own opinion:edvard masterpiece of picture!!.
    Edvard Munch